New Windows Phone 10 Build 10038.12518 changelog

A new build 10038.12518 for the Windows 10 for Phone has been leaked. The new build brings some tweaks here and there and the most noticeable ones include settings pinning and different dialer.

windows phone 10 homescreen

The keyboard settings now has more options allowing you to choose keyboard size, text cursor controller and where to show the speech button in various places of OS.

Windows Phone 10 Build 10038.12518

Also notice that Microsoft YaHei font is used instead of Arial in displaying Chinese. Amharic, Tibetan and Norwegian keyboards have been added. Most used and Recent Updated Column are added in the app list besides Recently Added.

Photos application has been updated and so is the dialer app. To be honest, the new dialer looks ugly but then we are talking about an OS in Alpha stage.

windows phone 10 dialer

Keep in mind that this build is yet to be pushed to all insiders.

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