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Microsoft Surface GO 2 STQ-00013 Review

Microsoft Surface GO 2 STQ-00013 Review

This is review of Microsoft Surface GO 2 STQ-00013 which is cheapest in Microsoft Surface range of laptops. Although it is not an all-aluminum body, the materials used in the Surface Laptop Go are not simple, resulting in a gentle and smooth feel and a light weight of 1.11kg.

The keyboard, touchpad and bottom surface are all made of a composite material of polyester carbonate and 30% glass. It has a skin-friendly feel similar to AG glass, but it is similar in temperature to plastic and does not freeze hands. When using the touchpad, the movement of the finger on its surface is very smooth, and there is no worry of “fingerprint collector”.

In addition, the Microsoft Surface GO 2 STQ-00013 uses a rare entry-level full-size keyboard + large touchpad for input. The keyboard has excellent key travel and rebound feel. It also combines fingerprints and power keys into one, hiding In the keyboard, it is easy to use and does not have to destroy the overall beauty.

Microsoft Surface GO 2 STQ-00013 Review

Outstanding appearance and excellent industrial design, the characteristics that the Surface series has always adhered to are still reflected in this entry-level thin and light notebook, and in terms of configuration, the entire Surface Laptop Go series uses the 10th-generation Intel Pentium 4425Y processor. The mainstream processor is naturally more than enough to cope with the common daily work of entry-level thin and light notebooks , and there is no need to worry about its performance will cause experience bottlenecks.

Under the premise that the daily office performance is the same as that of the Surface Laptop, the Surface Laptop Go equipped with Intel Pentium 4425Y is only 70% of the former under the same memory and hard disk configuration. It can be said that it perfectly reflects the positioning of the Go series entry price-performance ratio.

The 12.4-inch Microsoft Surface GO 2 STQ-00013 Review is very compact in packaging. The white packaging is simply printed with the name and product renderings. The entire packaging box looks very similar in size to the flat packaging box.

Microsoft Surface GO 2 STQ-00013 Review

Open the package and take out the body. The A side of Surface Laptop Go is made of all-aluminum material, and the iconic “Windows” LOGO is highly recognizable.

Microsoft Surface GO 2 STQ-00013 Review uses a 12.4-inch narrow-frame full screen, with three-sided frames of only 7mm, which is even narrower than the Big Brother Surface Laptop. The screen parameters are very attractive, 100% sRGB color gamut, 380nit brightness, and support touch operation. The default wallpaper is recommended to be replaced. The low-saturation hue is easy to misunderstand that this screen is a low-color gamut.

With a full-size keyboard and large-area touchpad, the Surface Laptop Go has an excellent input experience, and it has a unique feel with the new material. The keyboard as a whole is also less prone to fingerprints than before.

Microsoft Surface GO 2 STQ-00013 Review

In the keyboard, there is a two-in-one button for power and fingerprint. Observing from a specific angle, it can be found that it adopts a bright surface design, which can activate the power and complete fingerprint recognition.

Surface Laptop Go does not support 180° opening and closing. It can only reach the angle in the figure at most. It can be seen that the design of its sunken hinge helps it hide a part of the frame, but it also causes the freedom of opening and closing. influences.

The bottom surface of Microsoft Surface GO 2 STQ-00013 Review is very refreshing, there is no air inlet, and no screw holes are seen. In fact, the Surface Laptop Go has a fan inside, but its speed and diameter are small, so the solution of air intake + air output at the shaft is adopted.

Microsoft Surface GO 2 STQ-00013 Review

In terms of interfaces, the expansion interfaces are all distributed on the left side of the notebook, including a USB 3.0 interface, a full-function Type-C interface, and a 3.5mm interface. On the right side of the notebook, there is only one Surface-connect interface for charging.

The power adapter also uses the Surface connect interface dedicated to Surface, with a maximum output power of 39W.

Surface Laptop Go is equipped with 3733MHz LPDDR4X memory with a read speed of 51343MB/s, a write speed of 53941MB/s, a copy speed of 43366MB/s, and a delay of 100.9ns.

Surface Laptop Go comes standard with 42Wh battery. We use PCMark10 to test battery life in modern office mode. When performance is biased, Wi-Fi and positioning are turned off, 50% brightness, and no energy saving mode is entered, the battery life of Surface Laptop Go is Around 7 hours and 24 minutes. With its fast charger, it can charge up to 80% of the power in one hour, which can greatly reduce power anxiety.