Microsoft Lumia 650 Specs: LTE bands, SIM type, Continuum support, Removable battery, Storage, Screen Size, Resolution, Earphones, USB cable

Microsoft Lumia 650 specs

Microsoft Lumia 650 specs are great for a mid range phone. It is on sale for under 200 dollars and you are getting a very good looking phone with metal edges and removable battery. Unfortunately, there is no Continuum support that the Lumia 950 and 950XL users enjoy as at least Snapdragon 616 is required to enable that feature and Lumia 650 comes with Snapdragon 212. The processor is quad core and runs at 1.3 GHz clock speed. Read Lumia 630 review.

Microsoft Lumia 650 LTE bands

GSM network: 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz
GSM max data speed DL: EGPRS 296.0 kbps
GSM max data speed UL: EGPRS 236.8 kbps
WCDMA network: Band 1 (2100 MHz), Band 5 (850 MHz), Band 8 (900 MHz)
WCDMA max data speed DL: 42.2 Mbps (Cat 24)
WCDMA max data speed UL: 5.76 Mbps (Cat 6)
LTE FDD network: Band 1 (2100 MHz), Band 3 (1800 MHz), Band 7 (2600 MHz), Band 8 (900MHz), Band 20 (800MHz)
LTE max data speed DL: 150 Mbps (Cat 4)
LTE max data speed UL: 50 Mbps (Cat 4)

Lumia 650 battery capacity and removable battery

The battery capacity of the Microsoft Lumia 650 is 2000 mAh and yes, it is removable. So after an year or so when your phone’s battery does not holds enough charge, you can swap the tired battery with a new one easily. Claimed standby time is 26 days which a quite a stretch if tested in real world but you should be able to squeeze out a couple of days of good use from it.
Microsoft Lumia 650 Specs

Lumia 650 display and screen resolution

Lumia 650 features a 5 inch display and packs 1280 x720 pixel resolution which is same as the one found in Lumia 640. However, Microsoft has ditched IPS tech for AMOLED clearblack tech so the colors will pop out more. Pixel density is 297 PPI (pixels per inch). 
Microsoft Lumia 650 Specifications

Other nifty features

Lumia 650 comes with built in NFC (near field communications) connectivity, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi calling support, Nano SIM slots and optional dual SIM feature. There is a 3.5 mm stereo headset connector present as well. Back covers are exchangeable and its solid aluminum frame looks drop down gorgeous.
Lumia 650 Specs

Glaring omissions

Like the Microsoft Lumia 6xx and 5xx series, you will not find earphones and USB cable in the box. While we could understand MS’ decision of not including either of those for Lumia 535 and Lumia 530, we are unable to make why they did not include them for a phone that costs 200 dollars.

Microsoft Lumia 650 might just be last the Lumia branded windows phone out there as Microsoft is now asking popular OEMs like HTC and HP to do the manufacturing job so that it can concentrate on software experience.

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