Microsoft Lumia 640 on sale in UK for £170

Microsoft Store in UK is now offering the mid-end Lumia 640 in UK for £170. The phone is currently being available in only black or orange color – so no cyan color that we all saw at its launch in Mobile World Congress. For 170 pounds, you get a nice 5 inch HD display, quad core processor, 8MP rear camera, 1GB RAM, 8GB flash storage and removable 2500 mAh battery.

microsoft lumia 640 uk

Microsoft Lumia 640 UK

You will also be getting a free one year subscription of Office 365. Many other vendors and cellular providers will be offering the Microsoft Lumia 640 in UK in coming weeks. So stay tuned.

Compared to Microsoft Lumia 535, you get better camera, better screen resolution, bigger battery and more powerful processor. The screen also has clear black technology which means deeper blacks. Also the Lumia 640 adds support for LTE which is missing in Lumia 535.

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