Metro UI TWRP Theme For Android Phones Released

Metro UI was one of the main reasons why Windows Phone got so popular in the first place. An Android designer at xda developers has churned out a theme for the TWRP which is a touchscreen alternate to CWM (clock work mod) recovery. For those who do not know TWRP is used for flashing custom ROMs, root the phone and so on.

This is how Metro UI TWRP Theme looks like.

Metro UI TWRP Theme For Android Phones

The designer has done a commendable job. Theme will work on any device with a resolution of 768×1280.

How to use Metro UI Theme

Download the theme from here and rename it to “”.
On SD card open TWRP folder and create a folder called “theme”, without capital letters.
Copy to theme folder.
Reboot into recovery.

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