Lumia Windows Phone: Check Total Talktime using this code

Own a Lumia or a Windows Phone and want to check the total talktime of your phone? There is no setting that will show the lifetime counter however there is a secret Lumia code that will show the total talktime.

Check Total Talktime windows phone

To find that, fire up your phone dialer and dial ##634#. This will bring up Color Variant + Life Time Counter. You will also find the color variant of your phone, which in my case is black. In some phones, Modem version is also shown below the Lifetime Counter.

The “Color Variant + Life Time Counter” is one of the hidden diagnostics tools available on the windows phone. Few days ago we shared a secret code that locks the windows phone on 2G, 3G or 4G. To see how that is done, follow this post.

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