Lumia 930 Release Date, to get on sale in June

At the Microsoft BUILD 2014 conference, Nokia launched the Lumia 930 but when is it going to be released into the market? Well our source says it will be launched in its major markets in May but will only hit the market shelves in early-June.

Lumia 930 to come with free wireless charger

Nokia‚Äôs vice president of Ireland says that every 930 will come with a wireless charger inside the box to enhance the user experience. And if you pre-order now you will also get a Bluetooth speaker free too. For the record, its processor Lumia 920 while had wireless charging capabilities, one had to separately buy the $40 DT-900 accessory.  

Lumia 930 Release Date

Specifications of 930 include a 2.2 GHz QUALCOMM Snapdragon 800 CPU, 2GB RAM, 20 megapixel pureview camera, 4 microphones with directional audio recording support.

via coolxap

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