Lumia 535 Camera Quality: Similar to Nokia Lumia 630 but adds LED flash

I was present at the press event of the Microsoft Lumia 535 and was able to use the device for some time. I took some pictures with Lumia 535 camera. It is interesting to note that the camera optics of Lumia 535 are identical to 630. However since the 535 is more suitable for taking pictures in low lit areas as it packs LED flash.

lumia 535 camera picture quality

Here is a picture that I took without flash. All pictures were taken on settings set to automatic.

Main camera: 5.0 MP Main camera focus type: Auto focus  Camera digital zoom: 4 x Sensor size: 1/4 inch  Main camera f-number/aperture: f/2.4  Camera focal length: 28 mm Camera features: Auto and manual exposure, Auto and manual white balance, Automatic photo upload to web services, Full resolution photo and video upload, Full screen viewfinder, Geotagging, Landscape orientation, Touch focus Camera minimum focus range: 10 cm

And here is one with flash:


Here is another one. I fired flash in this picture and it does improves the results by a huge margin.

However since the flash is not very strong, do not expect it to make any difference when pointing at objects that are not in under 2 meter distance. For instance in following I fired flash but the picture is still quite grainy.

Verdict – The Lumia 535 takes good-enough pictures for its price but do no expect it to deliver pictures anywhere near Lumia 730 or even 720.

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