How to perform SD card recovery on a windows phone

A lot of windows phone devices come with micro SD card slots that allows you to expand the internal storage easily. Some windows phones come with only 4 or 8GB of flash storage which is not enough for those who store a lot of media content and applications. However the downside of using an SD card is that it has limited life span and they often get corrupted.

So how to recover files from sd card the easy way? While there are tons of recovery applications out there and many of them work just fine. But the one we tested and worked perfectly is the EaseUS Data recovery software. This very piece of software can help you recover from formatted SD card or a corrupted SD card. It is super easy to use and is best for doing data recovery of a micro SD card. It is also possible to recover from other storage devices like solid state drives, hard disk drives, USB flash storage and compact flash drives.

sd card windows phone recovery

Using the EaseUs Data Recovery software is very easy. Simply download the application from official website and install it on your computer. The on screen instructions are very easy to follow and it takes only a couple of minutes to install the app. After installing it, select the disk where your lost data is located and then click on the “Scan” button. Then allow the software to quickly scan the selected disk for lost and deleted files. You can even recover an entirely lost partition. In this case, select the SD card that got corrupted and click on the Next button. It is important that you pinpoint your drive or device here.

After the scan, you will be presented with the list of the files along with their health. If the health is good or excellent, you can easily recover it by clicking on the recover button. You can recover all sorts of files including videos, music, application and pictures. So if you want to recover all the files, make sure you select “all file types”. Recovering process does not take a lot of time as the software already knows the sectors where each file is present.

There is no need to worry while using the app as it does not take a lot of time in finding the list. It features unique fast algorithms that makes finding things easy. We recommend using EaseUS data recovery app to all Microsoft Lumia and windows phone users.

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