How to improve battery life of Lumia 640

The Lumia 640 is one of the best windows phones out there. It comes with power sipping Snapdragon 400 processor by Qualcomm that offers great performance and battery life. However some users complain that they are not able to get good battery life. So here are some tips for you to get maximum runtime out of Lumia 640.

Improve Lumia 640 battery life

1. Turn off Bluetooth, Wifi

It is on by default. Turning it off will increase your battery life. Go to settings > Bluetooth and turn it off from there. Also turn off wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) if it is not in use.

2. Turn off data

Turn if off if not needed. Go to settings > Cellular + SIM to turn it off. Turning data off will definitely increase your battery life.

3. Turn Glance off

Glance looks super cool on the Lumia but is a great battery eater when your phone is in standby mode. You can turn it off by going into settings > glance screen. If you can’t live with out it, set the setting to ‘peek’.

4. Stop certain apps from running in background

Certain apps keep running in the background to update themselves. Keep a check on what apps (and games) run in the background by going to settings > battery saver > usage (tab) and select “apps that can run in background”. Turn off those that you don’t want to run in background. For instance, I don’t want News app to update in background, so I disabled it.

5. Keep your phone updated.

Phone updates often bring numerous firmware improvements that improve battery life. Keep your phone always updated. Check if there are some impending updates by going to Settings > Phone update.

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