Full File System Access on Windows 10 Mobile over SFTP now possible

It is a well known fact that any file transfer in Windows Phone is done via MTP (media transfer protocol) but an XDA user has found a way to get full file system access on Windows 10 Mobile. MTP, as you all know does not give you access to all files and folders access but if you follow their guide, you will be able to get full access. Here is what you will need:

Full File System Access on Windows 10 Mobile

1. Astoria Tools/WConnect
2. Root tool. Find it here.
3. Putty Gen
4. Pagent
5. Swish Easy SFTP or any other SFTP program.
6. Registry editor, like this one on XDA

As said in the guide, it makes use of the SSH server that is already built-in in Windows 10 Mobile. To get access to it, you will also need to enable Device Discovery option to True. For this go to Settings > Developers > turn it on and then set value of device discovery to true. Find the entire instructions at the source given below.

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