Nokia DT-601 Quick Review

Back in September, Nokia introduced DT-601 and DC-18 chargers. DC-18 is a portable USB charger with a juicy 3200 mAh built in battery. DT-601 is for those who find DC-50 a bit too expensive.

nokia dt 601 review

The DT-601 works with Lumia 1520, 1320, 1020, 920, 925, and 720.

For many, the DT-601, as the noknok says, shrinked up version of DT-900 that made its debut with the Lumia 920 in 2012. This makes it a better choice for those who travel or have space constraints.

There is a small LED light on the side that tells the user when it is in action. Here is a video of it.

DT-601 is more portable than DT-900 and DC-50.

The DT-601 weighs mere 55 grams and measures 65 mm in diameter. You will even forget it if it is there in your bag or not. There are a wide range of colors to choose from – black, white, cyan, yellow and red.

nokia dt 601 vs dt-900

DT 601 vs DT 900

Unlike DT-900, the DT-601 has built in cable that let you charge it easily. There is a USB connector at the charger, which lets you use it with the charging head that came with your phone.

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The DT-601 charges the phone with 2000mAh battery from 3 percent to 75 in slightly more than 1 hour, which we think is an excellent figure. However, the best part of having this wireless charge is the convenience of just placing your Lumia on it, and when you come back in an hour or so, it will be fully charged waiting to be used again.

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