Download Lumia Interop Unlocker and ROM Rebuilder

A new tool has been made available by folks at XDA that allows people to interop unlock Lumia phones that unlocks all capabilities.  Here are steps in downloading and installing Lumia Interop Unlocker. One thing before you proceed is that this method works only for Windows Phone 8.1 devices and not Windows 10 Mobile – WP10 interop unlock is in the works.

Download Lumia Interop Unlocker

Lumia Interop unlock Instructions via phoneprouser.

1. Download this file and extract it somewhere on your computer. Extract the ROMRebuilder.7z file. You will find a XAP file along with some other files and folder. Copy them to SD card. Now install CustomWPSystem  in phone memory.


2. Now change the year on your Lumia to 2110 and run Extra + Info. When you see an error messages, simply tap on the uninstall button and change update the date.

3. Set the app to install to SD card. Now run CustomWPSystem, select Extra + Info and tap download from store. Go back to custom WP system and tap on SD card permissions – select SD card. Button should change to green color.

4. Tap “select the XAP” > select ROMRebuilder.xap. Tap apply XAP. When it is installed, go back to settings. You will find that Extra+Info is now shown as ROMReBuidler.

5. Now we need to generate Data.bin file. For this follow these steps.

A) Run the RunRebukder and tap on the backup button. This will copy reg file called OEMSettings to the SD card. This file is compressed using gzip. Inside this archive is located one file. Right click on it > edit.

B) At the bottom of this file, copy the contents of additional_enteries.reg and save the changes.

C) Rename OEMSettings.reg to Data.bin and copy it to Data Folder on SD card.

6. Now press the rebuild button in ROM Builder. The entire process will take few minutes and you will be greeted with Success message on your screen if everything goes as expected. Now do a hard reset and you are done.

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