Copy Files From Android Portion to Windows Phone

Folks at XDA had proven that Windows 10 Mobile also has Android 4.4 running as virtual machine. So an xda user has given us codes on how to copy files from Android portion to windows phone and vice-versa. The only thing that is required is an interop unlocked Windows 10 Mobile device.

Copy Files From Android Portion to Windows Phone

As expected, to do any sort of hack, you must have ADB installed on your computer. So here are the ADB codes that you can write in the command shell. The code that is in italics shall be written, rest is the explanation.

adb shell

result will be something like

/system/bin/sh: No controlling tty: open /dev/tty: No such file or directory
/system/bin/sh: warning: won’t have full job control
shell@ArcadiaArm:/ $


This will give you a list of all folders in the phone.

cd mnt
cd shell
cd emulated
cd 0

You will find folders of Pictures, Music and so on. If you wish to make a new folder, you can type this:

mkdir YourFolder

And now the main command, we all have been waiting for:

adb push Path\To\Your\File.txt mnt\shell\emulated\0\YourFolder

where Your is a folder and File.txt is a file. You can replace it with the file name of your choice. You can use pull command too to fetch data from windows phone system.

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