CC-3090 Review Video, Official Lumia 640 XL flip case cover

Microsoft CC-3090 is the official flip case for the Lumia 640 XL and is perfect for protecting the massive 5.7 inch display from damage and dust. The best part about it is the fact it replaces the back of the phone that helps in keeping the overall profile thin.

CC-3090 review

Microsoft CC-3090 review

So if your Lumia 640 XL is full of scratches, just get the CC-3090 and it will look new again. Just like the Lumia 640 XL that comes in variety of colors, the CC-3090 is also available in many colors, namely black, orange and cyan. Here is a video hands on and unboxing of the Cyan flip cover.

Irrespective of the color you get, the back has been given matte finish. Removing the cover is easy – use the camera lens as point of leverage and peel the cover by pull from top left.

CC-3090 reviews

The CC-3090 case has clearly been designed to add protection without adding too much bulk and weight. It does make the the phone slightly thicker in order to hold the phone effectively in place.

Since it is an official case from Microsoft, all cuttings and required openings are there, from hole on top for headphone jack to micro USB port at the bottom.

Microsoft CC-3090 review

On the front, there is a Microsoft logo embossed. A logo is printed on the back of the flip case as well. Open the cover and you will be greeted with two business card slots. This area has micro fiber lining that keeps the phone dust free.

Build quality is excellent and it really feels like a premium product in hand. It is practical and stylish at the same time.

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