Android phones – they are all the same

I’ve had a chance to play with Motorola Droid 2, Sprint Epic by Samsung and Samsung Captivate as well. And guess what? They are all the same.

Samsung’s “revolutionary” Super AMOLED display looks exactly the same as Motorola’s display. Samsung’s Epic has little better QWERTY keyboard than Droid 2, which has a horrible one.

When a consumer is buying and Android device, which device he chooses does not depend on the device itself, because they are all the same. It depends on which carrier the person has a contract with, or wants to have a contract with, and what is the best phone from that carrier that fits the user’s price range. At least in the USA, where everything revolves around the carriers. Motorola’s and HTC’s phones are advertised more, so they may be slightly more popular than Samsung’s phones.

All the revenue from iPhone goes to Apple’s pockets. The revenue from Android devices is split between Motorola, HTC, Samsung, SonyEricsson, Dell and more.

That is why Nokia is trying hard to make Symbian a leading edge OS again, and is preparing Meego. Namely if people find those OSes and experience worth while, all the revenue goes to Nokia. Nokia can define the markets.

I have to admit the big screens of Droid 2 and HTC Evo are cool. Then again, the battery life of those devices is not. Another device worth mentioning is HTC’s Nexus One, which in my opinion is a balanced experience. It’s snappy, battery life is about two days with 3G disabled (=good for an Android device) and the trackball is useful for some games.

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